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We believe in keeping you safe! That’s why we put together a place where Fashion, Comfort, Style and Safety meet!

When I started as a nurse, I’d feel like I was gambling every time I purchased a new set of scrubs; it seemed that many companies’ products were designed by individuals that never actually used their own products. When I find new items for our inventory, I ask myself: “Is this something I’d feel comfortable wearing on a long shift”? Elisabeth Borno, CEO & Co-Founder.

Borno CEO


Born-O Uniforms was founded in 2018 by an Army Veteran and Registered Nurse Elisabeth Borno, along with her husband Yves, who has substantial professional background in Information Technology. Together, they’ve created a dynamic business on track for another year of exponential growth, a business designed to meet the previously unmet needs of healthcare professionals, and above all, a company that will always strive to innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving market. The seed that eventually grew into this company was planted early on, in the mind of its CEO, Elisabeth, shortly after she first started working as an RN; she noticed a severe lack of affordable and high-quality scrubs and supplies, especially with regard to women. She began coordinating the plans for her future company with Yves, who began to research website design and creation. 

Although Elisabeth and Yves always envisioned Born-O Uniforms as a platform for their own, original line of products, they soon found it unfeasible given the early stage they were in, and instead decided to adapt and focus on building a wide retail presence first. Elisabeth used the logistical knowledge gained from her experience to carefully source their product line in order to be able to deliver durable, life-style oriented scrubs at extremely affordable prices. 

We will always stand by the products that we offer. Building our product line and choosing the right suppliers & materials has been a painstaking, but worthwhile process.

We thank you for choosing us and appreciate your business.


Yves & Elisabeth, Co-Founders



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