Consider the Following 12 Factors When Choosing Scrubs for Nurses

Scrub suits are the most common working uniform for medical professionals, including nurses and even doctors. In fact, in the US and many other nations, nurses are required to wear a scrub outfit, which consists of a loose top and pants. Hospitals in certain states have developed uniform guidelines that specify colors, cuts, and fits. Now scrubs for nurses are not just uniform; it is also a choice to wear the best scrub. However, nurses can choose their own scrubs to wear in the majority of healthcare facilities.

Most modern nurses, whether they are male or female, are fashionistas who value appearance, whether they are working, attending a casual event, or going out. The greatest scrubs that will naturally suit your personality and sense of style should be chosen because they will be your continuous companion at work and should show who you are.

You can keep in mind a few shopping tips if you plan to get scrubs for nurses. Here are some elements to keep in mind when choosing the best scrubs for nurses.

1. Expensive vs. Cheap

Expensive is not always the best option. There are many cases where a cheaper alternative will do just as well. In this section, we will explore some of these cases and see what we should consider when picking between expensive and cheap options.

The price of a product does not always reflect the quality of that product. When buying something, it's important to consider all aspects of the product before making a purchase decision.

2. Basic vs. Trendy

You are the only person who honestly knows you. If you're a straightforward person, wearing the same basic outfit every day will make you feel most at ease (or some iteration of it). But if you look around your workplace, it's likely that you've already missed the newest style developments. Your choice will largely depend on how comfortable you feel sporting a new appearance due to a trendy or straightforward tunic design. If you give yourself the time to experiment with various looks at home or while out with friends on a day off, you can uncover a new side of yourself. Your self-esteem may increase as a result, which is a good thing.

Basic: Basic is the opposite of trendy. It means that something is not new or innovative.

Trendy: Trendy is the opposite of basic. It means that something is new or innovative.


-The newest, most popular, and usually most expensive item on the market

-A style that has been recently introduced to a place (usually a city)

-Fashionable in a certain season and/or location

-Something that is currently fashionable and up to date with current trends

3. V-neck vs. Mock Wrap vs. Round vs. Square

Purchasing scrubs for nurses with various neck cuts is OK as long as the style fits comfortably. Selecting between v-neck, mock wrap, and round neck nurse uniforms is similar to selecting between basic and fashionable scrubs. The u-shape, scoop neck, split neck, and various neck shapes are all options. If your company is OK with the style elements, go ahead and get them to boost your self-confidence.


A V-neck is a shirt with a deep "V" shape in the front. The neckline is higher than a round neck and lower than a scoop neck.

Mock Wrap

A mock wrap shirt is an item of clothing that has the appearance of being wrapped around the body but which actually fastens with buttons or other closures at the side or back.

Round Neck

A round neck is a shirt with no collar, usually cut from one piece of cloth and sewn in one continuous piece. It has no opening in front and fits closely to the body.

Square Neck

Square necks are found on shirts for both men and women, but are most often associated with men's wear. Men's square necks are typically cut wider than their female counterparts, as well as being longer in length so that they can tuck into trousers without showing above them.

4. Chest Pocket vs. No Chest Pocket

The article discusses how the chest pocket is a trend that has been around for a bit, but it is now becoming more popular than ever. The article takes a look at the different benefits and drawbacks of having a chest pocket on your shirt.

- Chest pockets provide an easy way to store your belongings, such as your phone, wallet, keys, and more.

- Chest pockets are also useful for keeping your hands free to do other things like holding onto someone's hand or carrying something else.

- The only downside is that you have to be mindful regarding what you put in there because it can easily get lost if not secured properly.

5. Patch Pockets vs. No Patch Pockets

Medical equipment should always be carried by healthcare professionals, along with pencils and cell phones. You need pockets to keep other items because you'll be holding a patient chart, a stethoscope, or other equipment in your hands. 

But if these devices irritate you and you think there is too much clutter preventing them from doing their jobs, give up the notion. Keep in mind that there should only be a certain amount of prominent pockets. It is necessary to keep items like alcohol pads, a pair of scissors, and even a pair of gloves.

6. White vs. Colored

White does, in fact, reflect poorly on medical professionals. It appears so spotless that you don't want any stain to make it to the cloth. Accept the reality that white scrubs are dirt magnets if you fit this description. It undoubtedly aligns with the profession.

In any case, some hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities let their staff members choose the color of the scrubs they want to wear as nurses. Get a sense of the color palette used by your business before you purchase your scrubs. If there is no set guideline, choose powerful, dark hues like black, navy blue, dark brown, and maroon. Compared to light hues, these hold stains much better.

7. Dark vs. Light Colors

Choosing a color can be enjoyable because most people have personal preferences, and colors are widely available. The scrub suits that are most common are those that are green and blue in hue. You don't need to worry about being small or big for this, either. Dark hues, like black and navy blue, tend to cloak or minimize size, making them ideal for plus-size people. On the other hand, light colors make one appear larger because they bring a lot of attention to the area of the body that they are worn on. To elevate the mood, you could also want to adjust the shades and tones of your nurses' scrubs to the season.

8. Long vs. Short Tops

For nurses or healthcare professionals who are bottom heavy, this is really crucial. Wear long tops that just touch your hips if this describes you. Many sins will be covered up by this. But keep in mind that long scrub tops look best on tall people; they make shorter people appear even shorter. The length of scrubs for nurses may therefore need to be somewhat adjusted for short plus-size healthcare professionals. Although, if the hospital where you work has a clothing code, you obviously 

9. Fit vs. Loose

Even though scrubs are often meant to fit loosely and be roomy, you should still try them on for comfort before purchasing. On the hanger, they could appear to fit well, but until you try them on, you won't know. Scrubs are either too wide or too tight for men. While the majority of female nurses are unaware of their exact measurements. Because of this, nurses frequently purchase clothing that doesn't fit them as well as it should. Select the appropriate size when purchasing scrubs to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. When you're dressed in scrubs that fit properly, you'll walk taller and feel more at ease. And if nothing fits your measurements, it would be preferable to ask the top seamstresses and tailors in your area for assistance.

10. Side Slits vs. No Side Slits

Considering the ease of movement for the healthcare worker when picking the appropriate outfit is another consideration. Air will be provided, and comfort will be improved through side vents. The length of the scrub, however, should determine the size of the slits. The side slits on a workwear scrub top would probably reveal some of your waist if it were smaller in size and length. Pick shoes with no side slits in this situation. 

However, side slits will make it much easier to reach for the pockets if your scrub pants have both front and back pockets and you are wearing a tiny scrub top with a larger center-back length.

11. Drawstrings vs. Buttons

Drawstrings and buttons are the normal design for medical nursing scrubs tops and pants to add to the style of your working scrubs. Both can be utilized to create the proper fit for your body type.

Don't let your pants slide down your hips, and expose your underwear when you bend. This is not only embarrassing for both the personnel and the patients, but it also has a very unprofessional appearance. To draw attention to this area, some scrubs incorporate bands that span the waist and a knot in the back.

12. Plain vs. Embroidered vs. Prints

The policies of the hospital where you work may have a significant impact on this. Even if you purchase your scrubs from a store, you can still add your own distinctive touch, especially if you are tired of appearing uninspired in plain scrubs for nurses.

Unless you are forced to use a nameplate pin, consider getting your name embroidered on the side of your top for a really distinctive look. On one side of the sleeve, you can select to have your initials or nickname embroidered in a different color.

However, when mixing scrubs, be sure to use a solid-coloured item to soften the impact of a printed piece. For instance, you could match a printed bottom with a top that is solid and reflects one of the primary colors in print on your bottom.

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